Adding Task Types to AMPCrowd

On this page:

You can add your own type of crowd task by following the following steps:

  1. Define the API for creating such task, including:

    • Defining the type name of this task, which is a string.

    • Defining the group_context for this task, which is a json object (json array or json dictionary).

    • Defining the content for each point, which is a json object. Note that the 'content' field should be a json dictionary mapping ids of points to their contents:

          "id1": "content here",
          "id2": "content here"
  2. Find /basecrowd/templates/basecrowd/TYPE.html, copy the file to TYPENAME.html where TYPENAME is the type name of this task which was defined by you in step 1.

  3. Open this file, follow the comments in the file to create the template for this task.